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Antros Theodorou Jewellery Shop is Locate in Kato Polemidia ,with 18 years of experience in the business we provide all the kinds of jewellery
Depending on the style of your wedding dress, you could wear a simple pendant or pearl necklace, or even just a simple pair of earrings in combination with a bracelet. A simple rule is that your necklace should not compete with the neckline of the dress. If the V-neck in the wedding dress is deep and you want a glamorous look, you can go one step further and try a crystal necklace that will really highlight your neck.
Address : Panayias Evaggelistrias 79 Kato Polemidia
City : Limassol
Telephone : (+357) 25 339013
Contact Person : Mr. Andros Theodorou
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At Angela's Jewellery you can find a large collection of gold and silver Jewellery, Watches, Pictures, Photo frames and selected gift items at the best prices on the market.

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Address : Shop 1: 73, Yiannou Kranidioti Str. Latsia, Nicosia
Shop 2 : 9A Athinon Street, Strovolos, Nicosia
City : Nicosia
Telephone : (+357) Shop 1: 22487704 , 22482338
Shop 2: 22424070 , 22424090
Contact Person :
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AQUARIUS JEWELLERY  ... the art of being unique. Established since 1983. Aquarius is renowned for its reputation for exclusive handmade jewellery. The advantage of buying directly from the manufacturers, combined with the years of experience in jewellery techniques, allows Aquarius to offer you high quality of jewellery. 
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Address : 153, Makarios Avenue
Y.Court, Shop 3-4, 3026 Limassol
City : Limassol
Telephone : (+357) 25 377868
Telephone 2 : (+357) 25 344025
Fax : (+357) 25 747111
Contact Person : Mr. Christakis Agathangelou
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Christian Xenon Jewellery and Watches was established in 1996 in Limassol.
We maintain two boutiques, one In The City center of Limassol and a brand new one By The Sea of the famous Mediterranean city! We also provide support through our Customer Service Desk in Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus, via appointments!
Our Boutiques are famous for their luxury brands and for delivering excellent customer service. With more than 20 years of experience, we can proudly claim to have a wide selection of products of creative, innovative design made of the finest quality materials.
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Address : In the City: 107 Gladstonos, 3032 / By the Sea: 59 Amathountos Avenue, 4532
City : Limassol
Telephone : (+357) 25745544/ 25745542
Telephone 2 : (+357) 22764680
Contact Person : Yiannis Formas
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Manufacturers of Fine Jewellery. Over the years we have build up a reputation in designing masterpieces, beautifully decorated with precious stones. Our aim was and still is to give our clients what they really wish and also to unveil the beauty precious stones posses. Our collection consists of a large range of handmade jewellery using the best possible quality of diamonds, precious and semiprecious stones. We are at your service to make or transform your own models and create for you an exclusive collection of jewellery.
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Address : 92, St. Andrews Street, P.O. Box 50140, 3036
Workshop: 102, St. Andrews Center, Limassol, Cyprus
City : Limassol
Telephone : (+357) 25 355397
Fax : (+357) 25 378662
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Divas Diamond presents the ultimate diamond collection through decades of hand-made diamond jewellery experience of its founders.Divas Diamond offers an exciting selection of fine handmade diamond jewellery. Our diamonds inherit “Guarantee Certificate” and our designers work closely with our boutique production team to ensure beautiful designs for every occasion and budget.Our collection of jewelery has reached more than 30 countries around the world , from Paris to Dubai from London to Sydney.Divas Diamond envisions the perfect everyday jewelry experience for all cases.
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Address : 61. Arch. Makariou III Avenue, Amani building
City : Nicosia
Telephone : (+357) 22757545
Telephone 2 : (+357) 96337333
Fax : (+357) 22269649
Contact Person :
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Established in 1984, Elisseos Jewellery is a family run business with many years of history behind it, who managed to gain its loyal clientele on account of the excellent quality of their jewellery. The shop carries a range of designer jewellery brands along with an incredibly large selection of watches. Apart from renowned brands that are bound to meet the individual wishes of both men and women, the shop runs a workshop where special creations are made to ensure everyone gets the uniqueness they deserve.
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Address : Franklin Roosvelt AvenueZakkaki Court No. 2 - Limassol
City : Limassol
Telephone : (+357) 25390060
Contact Person :
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 With 30 years of creative presence, Evdokimou Jewelery was established in the field of silversmithing in the manufacture and marketing of jewelery. Stamping its acknowledged course, he has specialized in wedding rings and diamonds. Evdokimou Jewelery has as credentials the know-how that has acclaimed in the space and the satisfaction of its customers, with honesty, reliability and service. Evdokimou Jewelery marked a new beginning in 1991, focusing all its attention on the field of the wind and diamond. The challenge is now greater considering nowadays competition. The effort for ever better quality and service is uninterrupted and is sealed with the constant support of the company's valuable customers.
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Address : Tseriou Avenue 72B
City : Nicosia
Telephone : (+357) 22 658240
Telephone 2 : (+357) 22 421549
Fax : (+357) 22 492653
Contact Person : Mr. Evdokimou
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The Kalopedis family holds the oldest tradition in the making of fine Jewellery and Silver Icons on the island of Cyprus. The Collections vary from Traditional to Modern Designs, Decorative and Ecclesiastic Art. The website features a complete and Secure Online Shopping.
Address : 38 Zenonos Kitieos Street,
P.O. Box 41131 Larnaca, 6309 Cyprus
City : Larnaca
Telephone : (+357) 24 655504, 24 655501
Fax : (+357) 24 650066
Contact Person :
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Jewellery In Gold And Silver, Hand Made - Empty Jewellery - Casting, Wholesale & Retail Sales
Address : Gregoriou Xenopoulou Str. Cende Fiesta Court, Shop 4
City : Limassol
Telephone : (+357) 25585991
Contact Person :

Kovis Jewellery is established since 1968 from the founder Iakovos Kovis.Now Mikaela Kovis is the owner and a qualified Jewellery designer and Diamond grader.
We at Kovis Jewellery design and manufacture a wide variety of jewelry to the highest standards using the finest quality materials crafted to perfection.
We are experts in diamonds ,precious stones, valuation and of course jewelry design.At our shop you may find jewelry in 9 karat and 18 karat gold or in sterling silver 925 ,in very modern and fashionable designs.
Experience -Guarantee-Style!
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Address : Riga Fereou 8, Shop 3, 3095
City : Limassol
Telephone : (+357) 25 343771
Fax : (+357) 25 343772
Contact Person : Mikaela Kovis
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Gold value is in very high levels!! Sell your gold today for more cash!!

We buy your gold at the highest prices you can find in the market.

We Buy Gold Jewellery and Scrap Gold Jewellery!

A Little or a Lot, Broken or Not, Get paid on the Spot!

We Sort, Test, and Weigh your items in front of you at our safe and convenient store-front.

Payments are made at the time of transaction!

Scrap gold jewellery comes in all shapes and sizes. You may not even realize how much money is sitting around your house. Our expert gold buyers can test your items and tell you exactly what they are worth. Sell your gold now! Visit our shops or call us at the following numbers:
Address : Paralimni: 1st April 72
Limassol: Griva Dhigeni 111a, 3101
Paphos: Eleftheriou Venizelou 81A opposite Coffee Island
City : Paphos/Limassol/Ammochostos
Telephone : (+357) Paralimni: Maria 99 124584 / Limassol: Andri 99 437514 / Paphos: Georgia 99 352108
Contact Person : Maria / Andri / Georgia

 NATALEX "House of diamonds" specializes in high-quality South African certified diamonds. We create unique designs of jewelry in our own factory. We have been in the jewellery business since 1985.  Russian-speaking staff.
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Address : 69, George 1st Str., Nina CourtPotamos Yermasoyias Limassol
City : Limassol
Telephone : (+357) 25324220
Fax : (+357) 25318069
Contact Person :

Oro Vitchenza Jewellery Ltd was established in 1993 from three brothers as a family business. Ever since they take special pride in taking care of their customers and the satisfaction is always guaranteed. From off-hour appointments to finding a that special something your looking for , they will work hard and without compromise to service your needs. If you have ever thought “I wonder if they do that?”, just ask … at Oro Vitchenza the answer is usually yes.
Certified diamond graders from Belgium – they can identify the value and quality of diamonds. They provide diamonds with GIA and HRD diamond certificate.
We don't buy from the source, we are the source.
They carry Jewellery and watches brands of:
Pasquale Bruni
Theo Faberge
Frey Wille
and more..
Address : 36 Georgiou A, Nadia House
City : Limassol
Telephone : (+357) 25 431143 / 25 430443
Telephone 2 : (+357) 99604230
Fax : (+357) 25430243
Contact Person : Mr. Arlen Der Garabedian
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Wedding in Cyprus is directly related to Hand craft silver made “Kapnistomereha”, meaning that the two utensils used for Kapnisma and Merreha. When you accept your pre-wedding visitors in your home before the wedding mystery to "dress you up", make sure you get what you need, the red scarf and “Kapnistomereha”.
“Kapnistomereha” are part of the rich tradition that Cyprus has in silversmith industry and are provided by our jewellery shop as handmade offering.
Address : 63, Arch Makariou CY-7640 Kornos
City : Nicosia
Telephone : (+357) 22 533480
Telephone 2 : (+357) 99 526577
Fax : (+357) 22 533123
Contact Person : Mr. Dimitris Stafilaris
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Tonia's creations, both original and classic, are perfect for the special gift. From intricate wedding rings to diamond studded necklaces, Tonia's range of jewellery is designed to please both the.... Prince and the Purse!
Tonia Theodorou, the well-known artist who has made and will continue to make Cyprus famous in the jewellery design industry. Her reputation goes beyond Cyprus and Europe all the way to America and Japan where her creations have received favourable reviews in many exhibitions worldwide
Address : 177 Agiou Andreou, Agora Anexartisias No. 30, 3036-Limassol
City : Limassol
Telephone : (+357) 25355244
Fax : (+357) 25353587
Contact Person : Tonia Theodorou
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We, at Tsiropoulos Jewellery Shop would like to keep our precious customers informed about our new collections, new designs and special offers. Our workshop is equipped with modern technology and precision instruments. Having personal experience, expertise and partners in all the major diamond mining, processing and manufacturing centers in West and East, all give us the opportunity to supply the market with diamonds and jewelry of guaranteed quality and authenticity that satisfy all the high standards set.We thus realize dreams that have timeless value and can be seen as an investment.By evolving a classical art, we produce trends and desires. By using talent and knowledge, we focus on precious materials and create master pieces.
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Address : 3 Kennedy Ave., Nicosia, P.O. Box 28105, 2090 - Nicosia, Cyprus
City : Nicosia
Telephone : (+357) 22 518130
Fax : (+357) 22 518130
Contact Person : Andri Tsiropoulou
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 You’ll be wearing your wedding rings forever so be sure to love what you buy!
Some wedding rings need to be ordered or made bespoke. Plan to shop for your wedding rings around 1 month before your big day, just to ensure you have enough time ahead of your wedding.
For a really special wedding, or indeed engagement ring, why not design your own. Y. Yiangou offers a bespoke service and can work with brides-to-be, to create their dream wedding rings. Engraving can also be arranged.
There's no need to keep everything a shade of ivory, silver or gold. Adding a pop of colour with jewellery is a subtle way to liven up a classic neutral colour palette
Your type of hairstyle should be taken into consideration, up styles would suit lovely statement earrings but don’t choose something that overtakes the look, remember you wear the jewellery, it does not wear you!
Address : 129, Ayiou Andreou Street, 3036
City : Limassol
Telephone : (+357) 25 341866
Fax : (+357) 25 374198
Contact Person : Mr. Yiannakis Yiangou
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Z.G.H Watches & Jewellery Ltd – a limited liability company – was duly established in Cyprus by its present managing director Mr. Zacharias Charilaou in 1982 with its principal place in Limassol.The sale of watches of a wider variety than before which includes brands like Omega, Longines, Raymond Weil, Gucci, Maurice, Lacroix, Zenith, Tag-Heuer, Rado, Dupont, and the sale of different brands also in jewellery like Baraka, Fope, Luca Carati, Zancan, Miluna, Nimei. Diamond stones are brought from International Gemological laboratories like GIA-HRD-IGI. It was a natural consequence that this expansion as well as the upgrading and the renovation of the company’s premises would bring an increase of the company’s clientele.

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Address : 33 Georgiu A’ Str. Pecora Beach House P.O. Box 54383 3723
City : Limassol
Telephone : (+357) 25 323168
Fax : (+357) 25 310336
Contact Person : Mr. Charilaou
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